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Gov Matawalle to northern leaders: Let’s forgive to end killings, destructions

Zamfara State Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara has appealled for concerted support of northern leaders to end wanton destruction ravaging their region.

Mr Matawalle made the call in a personally signed statement on Friday in Sokoto.

He appealed to elites and other politicians, especially from Northern Nigeria extraction, to be united and face the challenges bedevilling the region’s growth and progress.

”It is time for us to end destructions and killings, lets nurture the habits of forgiveness of our wrongs, refrain from divisive tendencies and become united,” Mr Matawalle begged.

Zamfara, like many other northern states, has become a hotbed of banditry and attendant criminal activities.

The brigands have continued to wreak havoc unfettered, kidnapping citizens for ransom in droves with belated resistance from state forces.

Many parts of the North have especially witnessed escalated levels of pillaging.

Hundreds of students have been abducted in the Niger, Kaduna, Zamfara and Katsina States with the criminals commanding millions of naira for their ransom.

Last Sunday, a military fighter jet, belonging to the Nigeria Air Force was shot down by bandits in Zamfara forests while on reconnaissance mission.

Mr Matawalle emphasised that northerners should support the government in finding lasting solutions to poverty, banditry, kidnapping and laziness among citizens.

He urged citizens to jointly confront the challenges wholeheartedly irrespective of ethnic and political differences and fine tune ways to end the menace.

According to him, during a meeting with the president, governors from northern states took turns to narrate their experiences, individual efforts at finding lasting solutions as well as expectations from the federal government.

”The President assured that he will put an end to the menace and return the region and the country at large to its lost glories.

”We shall remain focused for the development of the nation and shun political differences irrespective of the party we belong,” he said.

Mr Matawalle added that the nation’s position and status after 2023 should be a top priority for all people in recognition of the present happenings.

He appealed to leaders to continue in rubbing minds toward proper solutions and developmental path of progress of the nation.

He enjoined citizens to understand the trends and cultivate ways to assist each other and remain united for the progress of the region beyond 2023.

“Leaders must deliberate on solutions, refrain from selfish interests and greed to end unwanted killings and destruction of property.

“Insurgency especially in the North-East and other banditry activities have hindered economic activities, education, agriculture and other social activities in Northern Nigeria,” Mr Matawalle noted.

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