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Husband Of Video Vixen Bolanle Admits He’s Guilty Of Domestic Violence But…

She believes the man was familiar with how to handle horses, noting his ability to halter and secure the horse near a grain feed to keep it occupied.

“I felt violated. I felt lost. I felt scared,” Swarr said.

“To see that someone would come into my own home and degrade a positive environment left me feeling violated.”

Swarr told the Daily News an employee was remotely alerted by an alarm when a stall door opened, but no one could get there before the suspect fled.

Swarr told WCVB that DNA samples were collected from the horse, which was not injured in the assault.

“If it weren’t for good surveillance, we’d never know about this,” the horse’s owner, who wished to be unnamed, told WCVB in a statement.

“No one should experience sexual assault, and we will find this individual and bring him to justice.”

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