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PHOTOS! Young Yahoo Boy Runs Mad In Aba, Fetish Items Found In His Car

This happened in front of Union bank in Aba, Abia State.

According to witnesses, the yahoo plus suspect parked his while Mercedes-Benz ML 350 in the busy street and started behaving abnormally.

When they found out he had ran mad, they called on the police to come gain access into his car, so they can identify the suspect and also get contacts of friends or relatives.

On searching his box, the police discovered various fetish items like calabash, pots and red candles.

This prompted the onlookers to believe the victim’s condition to be connected to yahoo plus or the money ritual.

Yahoo plus or cyber spiritualism is a cybercrime that involves the procurement and use of mystical, spiritual and supernatural powers by yahoo boys to cast a spell on victims.

This ritual enables a yahoo boy to command his victims to do as he says.

The victims will not be able to object to his demands.

This ritual involves the yahoo boy in-person pretending to be mad for a certain period and after that, money starts coming in.

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