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STORY: Invincible - S01 E04

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 4

Personally advise? Everyone was astonished.

“Yes, Dad!” Huang Ming’s face bloomed, agreeing immediately.

Looking at his own son, Huang Peng sighed regretfully in his heart after hearing his father’s plan to oversee Huang Wei’s cultivation personally.

After a while, the crowd dispersed and the Martial Hall was closed.

Returning to the Eastern Courtyard, Su Yan’s heart was brimming with dissatisfaction, “How could Dad show such favoritism? He wants to oversee Huang Wei’s practice personally. What about our Xiaolong? Is Xiaolong not his grandson?”

Huang Peng frowned and waved his hand, his voice heavy as he said: “Don’t mention this anymore. No one is allowed to bring this matter up in the future.” However in his heart he too felt aggrieved, but with Huang Wei’s grade ten martial spirit it was granted that his father would want to do so.

“Xiaolong, your talent is also good. Put more effort into your practice, achieving Eighth Order Warrior will not be difficult for you.” Huang Peng turned towards Huang Xiaolong and attempted to comfort him.

“I understand, Dad.” Huang Xiaolong opened his mouth wanting to tell Huang Peng and Su Yan that his martial spirit shouldn’t be grade seven. In the end, he could only reply as such and not say anything more.

Before Huang Xiaolong left, Huang Peng gave him a cultivation technique for training battle qi and explained the important points Huang Xiaolong should focus on during practice. Huang Xiaolong listened attentively and memorized them to heart.

After leaving the Eastern Courtyard’s main hall, Huang Xiaolong returned to his own small courtyard and began practicing his battle qi according to the cultivation technique his father gave him. He sat down on the bed and started absorbing the world’s spiritual energy according to the first order instruction.

As Huang Xiaolong utilized the cultivation technique, his martial spirit emerged from his body; the variant double-headed serpent manifested behind Huang Xiaolong. The so-called grade seven double-headed serpent suddenly stretched its jaw wide and devoured the surrounding spiritual energy at horrific speed, attracting the spiritual energy around Huang Xiaolong.

The spiritual energy devoured by the double-headed serpent flowed into Huang Xiaolong’s body, traveling along the meridians and gradually transformed into battle qi.

Night approached slowly. Moonlight came shining in from the small courtyard window.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes. His face wore an extremely odd expression. Earlier, he followed the instructions from the cultivation technique his father gave him, the Xuan Qin cultivation technique’s first layer, to condense his battle qi by running spiritual energy along the meridians. He managed to direct the flow of spiritual energy for one complete turn without obstacles or difficulties.

Within these few hours, not only did he successfully convert spiritual energy into battle qi, he broke through to First Order Warrior!

Huang Xiaolong’s heart was filled with a sense of disbelief. If he remembered correctly, his father mentioned that his grandfather spent nearly six months before successfully breaking through to First Order Warrior!

His grandfather’s martial spirit was one of the top grade eight martial spirits, the Six-winged Golden Ape!

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