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Unemployment: Nigerian Youths Urged to Embrace Motorsports as an Alternative.

Nigerian youths have been advised to embrace motorsports as an alternative for empowering themselves The advice was given by Terlumun Ikya, an official of the Automobile and Touring Club of Nigeria who stated that motorsport is an all-comers sport Ikya also encouraged the private sector in Nigeria to invest in the sport like it is done in other climes.
FCT, Abuja - Young people in Nigeria have been encouraged to embrace motorsports as a means of empowering themselves and imparting the world. This advice was given by the Secretary-General for Sports, Automobile and Touring Club of Nigeria, ATCN, Terlumun Ikya, at the 2021 Festival of Motorsport in Nigeria held on Saturday, July 18 at the Central Park, Abuja, and attended by a reporter.
One of the drivers at the festival in Abuja. Photo credit: Jerrywright Ukwu Source: Original
Asked why motorsport is considered as a game for the elites, Ikya said: 

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