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BBNaija Shine Ya Eye: Pere, WhiteMoney Fight Dirty (Video)

There was drama in the BBNaija house yesterday as season 6 housemates, Whitemoney and Pere fought dirty.

The fight started just after the housemates had their usual night games on Monday.


The game, a ‘question game’ where housemates are to ask each other secret questions turned out to be the cause of the fight.


Pere had approached WhiteMoney fiercely bringing out his belt as if to whip him like a child.


He then asked him what question he asked during the game.


Mazi, as Whitemoney is fondly called in the House, answered Pere by telling him he didn’t ask a question but answered a question asked by Maria.


“Maria asked me who do I think has had sex in this house and I came to meet Angel to ask the same question, I don’t even understand the game yet,” Whitemoney told Pere.


Other Housemates who were present at the scene however said it wasn’t necessary for Whitemoney to explain himself since it was a game but he insisted by saying “I have to explain because this is getting out of hands”.

Pere however left the scene saying he won’t let the issue slide.


Whitemoney, who was obviously angry, started shouting at the top of his voice saying he cannot be intimidated by Pere.


He said: “I can never be intimidated by you, I know you don’t like me. If you wan come at me come at me as a man not through a game wey I no even understand. I know say you get me for mind since I enter this house.

“I know why I came to this house and I cannot jeopardize it for anything. If Pere see me as a healthy competitor that’s ok”.


It took the intervention of the HoH, Deputy HoH and other housemates to calm the situation before it becomes physical.

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