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Bode George Reveals Why PDP Hasn’t Won Governorship Seat In Lagos

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Bode George has revealed the reason for the failure of the party to win the governorship seat in Lagos State since 1999.

Speaking in an interview with Sunday PUNCH, George faulted the electioneering process in the country, calling for a transition to electronic voting.

He expressed that ballot paper voting doesn’t give room for the will of the people to triumph as they are susceptible to being altered by corrupt politicians.

He alleged that the ruling party in Lagos State (All Progressives Congress) has stolen a lot of money thus creating hunger, which he says, make it easy for voters to sell their votes.

See excerpts from the interview below:

“…the process of electioneering in this country in the 21st century is a joke, where people are carrying papers by hand from your polling unit to the collation centre. It doesn’t make sense. We’ve been talking about electronic voting, nobody is listening. It’s a joke. Somebody in Lagos has stolen so much money that he’s richer than Nigeria, so how can you win an election?

“Look at the last local government elections in Lagos. The people were so despondent that they didn’t come out to vote. It was a disgrace because they are tired of this life. You say, ‘You cannot win.’ How can you win? Do you know the humongous amount of money the fellow has stolen? With people who are hungry and angry, they would buy them out and write the results for them.

“I don’t know where this country is going. We need to speak truth to power. Our process is terrible and very heart-wrenching. What is the challenge? Why can’t we do e-voting, so that the votes of the people and the will of the people will be respected? What a joke! We are not serious.”

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