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The Buzz: Feeding Palava, and Everything the Housemates Talked about in their Secret Diary Session

On Tuesday, August 17, 2021, Toke Makinwa sat with BBNaija Season 5 first runner-up, Dorathy Bachor, and popular Instagram influencer, Enioluwa, for the fifth episode of Showmax’s The Buzz.

They discussed everything that went down in the house over the weekend. From Pere’s military regime, the crazy parties and their aftermaths, the burgeoning ships, and fights that plagued the Shine Ya Eye housemates. They also showed the housemates’ secret diary sessions which are exclusive to Showmax.

These secret sessions allow housemates to rant about any and everything, and some of the juiciest details are revealed here. People discuss who they like, who they want to be with, those they can’t stand and more.

Here’s a quick summary of what some of your favourite housemates had to share during their third secret diary sessions:

the meals out, herself included.

*Princess is on the other side of the argument, calling the guys out for not being able to cook. She says putting the blame on one gender makes no sense.

*Whitemoney says that Pere is wrong about cooking being his strategy as it’s something he loves doing.

*Cross couldn’t care less about whether or not cooking is Whitemoney’s strategy.

*Michael complained about being hungry and going without food since General Pere removed Whitemoney from the kitchen last week.

*Saskay seems to finally be coming around to her situation with Cross. She told Big Brother that she felt sad-mad because he was ignoring her all day.

*Boma is worried that the housemates think he is in a relationship with the Queen.

*JMK was in tears as she told Big Brother that she’s finding it hard to incorporate herself in the BBNaija house.

*Emmanuel just wants to make sure that he makes himself, his family and friends proud with the time he’s spending in the house.

*Peace was anxious and worried that her friends were up for nomination. Sadly, she was right to be afraid as she bid farewell to one of her friends, Arin, during the live show on Sunday.

*Maria says she’s been mentally trying to withdraw so she won’t offend anyone.

*Saga reported Maria to Biggie, saying she touched his privates yesterday, but he’s happy it made him proud.

*Nina put on her clown gear as she jokingly told Big Brother that she would make the best head of house.

*Yousef thinks that Pere was the best head of house. Obviously, not everyone is opposed to military rule, at least in the Big Brother House.

*KayVee also shared the same sentiments with Yousef and said that Pere is a very strategic person.

*Queen said that she would want Boma or Whitemoney to win the Head of House game if she failed.

*Pere told Big Brother that he doesn’t see any leadership skills in Angel.

*On the other hand, Angel says that Pere’s regime was the worst, and she’s convinced they’ll never have another governance as bad as his.

*Arin is right there with her, calling his regime chaotic.

*Liquorose also agreed with Arin and Angel. She said, “the military thing, nah. He went too far with so many things”.

*JayPaul joined the girls but added that everybody was just trying to work with him till he finished his tenure.

*Sammie is sure that Whitemoney will make the perfect Head of House because he’s like “an old soul in a young man’s body.”

*Tega refused to weigh in on the HOH discourse. She said she won’t know what gives until she is also up there.

The Secret Diary sessions are exclusive to Showmax. They feature as part of the streaming platform’s new show, ‘The Buzz’, hosted by award-winning media personality, Toke Makinwa.

Brand new episodes are released on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 pm. You can catch the next episode on Tuesday, August 17, 2021. Download the Showmax app on your iOS or Android device to stay updated on all the drama from the BBNaija’ Shine Ya Eye’ edition.

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