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[VIDEO] Meek Mill - Mandela Freestyle (Video)

After being awarded the Nelson Mandela Changemaker Award, Meek Mill comes through with a reminder on the new "Mandela Freestyle."

Meek Mill has been working on his follow-up to Championships for a minute now, and today he's gifted fans with a holdover by way of the "Mandela Freestyle." The song serves a dual purpose, arriving in celebration after Meek was awarded the Nelson Mandela Changemaker Award for his work with the REFORM Alliance.

Now, Meek has opted to gather his thoughts in the booth, offering up a potent dose of social commentary delivered with his signature fiery passion. "Can you believe it, in the land of the free I'm fighting for freedom?" he asks, after reflecting on his own frustrating battle with the justice system. "They don't even have no evidence on em', they try to keep em / black babies still caught in the system, they tryna Meek em / my new condo overlooks Central Park, and it's still reekin'."

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